Enhance your acquisition IRR via SaaS leverage finance
EpsiFund delivers ⚡ fast certainty of funding to enable swift acquisition
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Why choose EpsiFund
We understand SaaS and micro acquisition space. We move fast and keep refining our product to ensure continuous improvement.
Aligned Interest
Our leverage acquisition finance is revenue-based with flexible repayment terms. We get gradually deleveraged as your business MRR grows.
Seamless Process
We integrate with major billing systems (Stripe, Recurly, Chargebee), dash boards (ProfitWell, ChartMogul) and accounting software.
Affordable Rates
Innovative funding approach allows us to charge audaciously affordable interest rates yet ensuring quality underwriting standards.
What industry players are saying
There seems to be a lot of HNWs clamouring to buy SaaS businesses. I think the one underserved area is essentially backing founders to acquire micro SaaS.
Bootstrapped business builder/buyer
This is the solution for indie hackers looking for a completed project that they believe can significantly grow MRR.
Founder of SaaS business, angel-investor
Help us to build a better product by sharing your micro acquisition experience.
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